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The PERFECT CIRCLE MANUFACTURING SYSTEM is a suite of computer software created to fit the needs of companies who produce, prepare, or repair products. This system has been, and continues to be, specifically designed for:

  • Process Manufacturers
  • Food Manufacturers
  • Foundries
  • Product Assembly
  • Discrete Manufacturers

View a Complete Perfect Circle Manufacturing System Brochure including descriptions of all the sub modules and system features.

The PERFECT CIRCLE MANUFACTURING SYSTEM will anticipate your special business needs with computer software designed to provide accurate information in a timely manner, and increase your company's ability to manage growth.

Manage Workload with job and process scheduling.

Manage Employees with productivity reporting.

Manage Jobs with Job and Work Order Tracking.

Reduce Material Shortages by purchasing materials based on existing stock and customer order requirements.

Increase Profit by selling used serviceable parts based on value rather than cost.

Stay Legal with reporting based on lot number, serial number, total time, and other important regulatory factors.

Save Time with fast and accurate order entry.

Improve Collections with an automated accounts receivable.

Respond Easily to special customer requests with Option Based Order Processing.

Reduce Costs by taking advantage of special purchases with perpetual inventory management and sales trend analysis.

Maintain Profitability by tracking the exact cost of manufactured, serviced, brokered, imported and regular items.

Avoid Emergencies with timely reporting of problematic orders and items.

Save Money with fast and accurate financial reporting of all areas of your business.

This system is tailored to the specific needs of manufacturing environments. A major advantage of PCS' modular business data processing systems is our ability to respond to the unique requirements of your company. We provide you with a sound, workable product for solid day to day business information and data crucial for decisions made by top management.

You benefit from our particular expertise in the areas of design, development and implementation of commercial application systems, systems which are already used by companies in your industry.

View a Complete Perfect Circle Manufacturing System Brochure including descriptions of all the sub modules and system features.

The system is order driven, integrating customer jobs and production orders to replenish stock into one harmonious system. The system features: Inventory Management; Work Center Routing; Job Order Tracking; Shop Schedule Management; Shop Floor Control; Costing; Master Production Scheduling; Materials Requirements Planning; Purchasing; and Complete Accounting Functions.

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