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These pages are intended for Perfect Circle Customers to easily obtain updates, documentation, and other support type information. A customer password is required.Access PCS Support Pages Download Page.

Perfect Circle Technical Support is available by calling (310) 395-5127, select option 1 for support, then option 1 again for business hours support (Monday thru Friday 7:00 to 5:00 Pacific time), or option 2 for after hours support. You may also email PCS support at our support address.

Perfect Circle Products are complete business systems designed to make every day transactions very easy, and to prevent data entry operators from making errors. In order to make the day to day transactions easy and relatively error free, your business rules must be configured into your Perfect Circle Software to tell the system what is allowed, and what is not allowed. Your system then imposes those rules on the people who process transactions every day, eliminating much manager intervention. It is important to insure your business rules have been specified to reflect your environment.

PCS Huge Server Thin Client Data Center Architecture

Beginning with PCS Version 5.4, you have two migration paths for running your PCS system. One, "Thick Client", requires you to maintain servers at your site and only allows 'thick' client access on your network. This is a good method to deliver application, however it requires network based communication to each work station. The new and preffered method to run PCS, is to use servers located and maintained in one of the PCS Data Centers accessed using the PCS "Thin Client" technology which provides you 'anywhere access to your business information'.

The Thick client access is similar to v5.3 and earlier except the run time system has been replaced and will require installation. This method requires you to maintain servers at your facility, and does not allow all the functionality of version 5.4 running in a PCS Data Center. By using a PCS Data Center we are able to link multiple high end servers to provide functionality not available via one or two in-house servers.

The Thin client access is a dramatically new architecture. It reduces your costs and allows us to provide you better support and functionality. You no longer need to maintain servers at your site, and can eliminate much of that expense while at the same time, improving your systems reliability. This architecture is only available through a PCS Data Center. If you are using v5.3 or earlier, please call PCS to discuss moving your system to a PCS Data Center.

Architecture Differences between 'Thick Client' and the PCS Data Center

PCS Software running with a Thick Client uses a traditional computer architecture. Computer programs and data are installed on a server in your office, and your staff runs those programs. It requires you to maintain a complicated server, and network operating system. You need local technical support for your network, either with additional employees, or a local company on contract, both of which are fairly costly. You entrust your data backups (probably) to someone with little technical experience, and probably never tested a backup to be sure it could be recovered. Probably errors have occurred causing your data backup to be unrecoverable. The worst part of this Backup situation is that you may have a problem which is unknown until your server has a problem; and you will be unable to restore what you thought was the current backup, loosing some amount of your mission critical data. PCS has received too many calls for help to recover data from server hard disks because the backup was not viable. Also with the Thick Client method, support for your PCS software is provided by phone, by PCS personnel coming on site, or by using some sort of data communication method. While these methods were fine in their day, the PCS Thin Client architecture uses advanced technology to provide better functionality, with greater ease of use, more functionality, and less cost.

PCS has created its own Data Center with custom high end server configurations, maintained by highly trained PCS technical staff, using a software/hardware architecture that insures your valuable business data is safe, protected, and available at all times. You and your staff have access to your data from almost anywhere and your business information network expands to be worldwide. The PCS Data Centers and Thin Client architecture are designed to eliminate all the complicated high cost equipment you keep at your site, and to maintain your data safely and efficiently with appropriate backups. To give you access to your data, PCS has developed specialized communication methods built into every PCS Software function. PCS has also developed specialized client side access methods which give you easy access to that data from anywhere. Soon you will be able to use your telephone to access your PCS data. Support is provided by a phone call to a PCS support engineer, who with permission, can shadow your activity within seconds to help you with your issue. Soon, you will be able to press a button in your PCS Software and immediately be speaking to a PCS support engineer through your computer. This new architecture is designed to allow you to work from anywhere, at anytime, without the high cost of complicated equipment.

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These pages are intended for Perfect Circle Customers to easily obtain updates, documentation, and other support type information. A password is required for access, which has been provided to your system manager. If you do not have this password, please call PCS support at 310.395-5127 and one will be provided to you.

Access PCS Support Pages Download Page.

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