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About Perfect Circle Solutions

A word from Fred Young, President, Perfect Circle Solutions, Inc.

  Business Automation is our specialty.

We help you become more competitive by reducing costs, improving accuracy, and providing management information not before available. We do this with cost effective use of automation, and prioritizing the areas of your business where you will receive the largest return.

Designing software is an art as well as a science, and at Perfect Circle Solutions we have been able to blend the two together, using advanced technology designed for performance and ease of use.

The result is Sophisticated Software that acts like its Simple!

I started my career by cutting my teeth on large Main-Frame computers with the USMC.. Soon, I was working for the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the Pentagon, playing with the really large hardware. My early days with highly technical, global systems provided me experience with very large systems involving many geographic locations, and lots of people. To this day when a company says they have 100,000 inventory items I think "Oh, a small database." (Most businesses would consider that a large number of items, but by Pentagon standards, it is very small.)

Software That Runs On Almost All Hardware

I started the company with a solid design for a complete set of integrated business systems and software development tools that would allow the same software to run on many different computer hardware platforms. This allows our clients to select the computer hardware or networking infrastructure that is the most cost effective for their company, without regard to software issues, because out software will run on any hardware platform they select. As hardware platforms and user devices change, our innovative software design and development tools allowed us to easily change with the times.

Our Unique Migration Path Engineering

As our clients desired to automate their businesses, so did we automate ours. We created the Perfect Circle Application Development System. This is a CASE (computer aided software engineering) tool which helps us develop software quickly and accurately. This software then becomes Platform Independent, which is a fancy way of saying it runs on most computer hardware. It also becomes database independent, which allows you to grow into larger more sophisticated data models without changing your business rules, or retraining your personnel. It is this technology that has allowed our clients to use the same software for 25 plus years, changing only hardware as it became obsolete.

And today, the same set of business rules and data can run virtualized in one of our Data Centers. This Anywhere Access to your Business Information was released in 2007, eliminates many of your technical issues, and provides access to your company's mission critical information from almost anywhere.

We Are The Authors Of Our Software

Many companies license software from other vendors. While this allows them to get to the market quickly, it leaves them without the necessary resources to support their clients. The people who designed Perfect Circle Software are on staff, so the buck truly stops here. The answers to all your questions can be determined quickly, and thus inexpensively, usually, with only a single phone call.

Become more Competitive and Efficient

With our Unlimited Software Enhancement program, we are able to provide you unlimited Software Enhancements for one low monthly price, low enough to fit into any budget. With Unlimited Software Enhancements and our help, you will be able increase the efficiency of your employees, and become more competitive. We can help you to change old inefficient process and streamline your operation.

Our Software Will Stand The Test Of Time....


Our Software is designed to grow with you. As technology changes, and business requirements change, our software can adapt to new technologies, and grow to include your new business requirements, without losing your existing functionality. Once you purchase Perfect Circle Software, you will never need to buy integrated business software again.

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